Welcome to my Personal Website !

My name is Jakub Bielaszka, I’m a Storage/DevOps Engineer, Entrepreneur and Consultant with over 20 years (yes, I started early😉) of professional experience. Also, I’m a happy husband and father.

I hope you will find something interesting on my concise blog/notepad. You can contact me at any time using the contact form or post a comment.

At the moment, my areas of expertise are:

  • Netapp clusters and software
  • Windows infrastructure
  • Automation (WFA, Ansible, Tower/AWX)
  • Scripting (PowerShell, Bash, SQL)
  • Linux (❤Debian, Redhat)
  • VMware
  • Amazon AWS, Google Cloud
  • Containers (Docker, Vagrant)

I have experience in:

  • IBM, EMC Storage
  • Brocade/Broadcom SAN switches,
  • Web development (jQuery, Zend, PHP, Bootstrap, WordPress)
  • App development (JAVA, C++)
  • Backup software
  • IT Security
  • Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL)

I hold Master of Science in IT, Bachelor of Science in Economy and NCIE, VCP, BCFP certificates.

I’m interested in Investing, Economy, Geopolitics, Health, Productivity (❤Nozbe), RVs, Prepping, Minimalism. In my leisure time I like to travel, play sports (mostly Biking, Gym), read/listen to good books and podcasts, work on my hobby projects and support valuable initiatives.

Trainings and conferences (2020-Onwards):