The following commands generate a payload in a node memory and transfers it to the destination node. What I noticed in Ontap 9.5 is that this command might misbehave when WAN Optimizers are present in between tested NAS devices. It probably happens because the generated payload is not random enough and gets compressed giving strangely high results.

frankfurt-cl1::*> network test-path -source-node frankfurt-cl1-01 -destination-cluster warsaw-cl1 -destination-node warsaw-cl1-01
Warning: This operation will generate large amount of cluster traffic and can cause temporary cluster traffic slowness.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
Initiating path test. It can take up to 15 seconds for results to be displayed.
     Test Duration: 10.87 secs
   Send Throughput: 105.71 MB/sec
Receive Throughput: 105.71 MB/sec
           MB Sent: 1149.38
       MB Received: 1149.38
       Avg Latency:   829.32 ms
       Min Latency:    14.05 ms
       Max Latency:  1467.40 ms